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Informal Speech Outline

First Man in Space Topic: Yuri Gagarin General Purpose: To inform Specific Purpose: To inform my audience about first man who escaped Earth’s gravity and appeared in space. Thesis: Gagarin was to be the very first man being in space. Introduction Attention Getter: What would you think if I ask who was the first man in space? First idea is Neil Armstrong? Isn’t it? But what if I say that there was cosmonaut from Soviet Union who traveled in space one year earlier? Significance of Topic: Sounds not familiar?Soviet cosmonaut Yuri Gagarin made history on April 12, 1961 when he became both the first person in the world to enter space and the first person to orbit the Earth. Establishment of Ethos: Since childhood, this man was a hero of mine that’s why I decided to investigate his biography more detailed. Thesis: Gagarin was to be the very first man being in space. Preview Statement: So today we will go on tour to the spacecraft and take a look at Yuri Gagarin’ s life background, his road in becoming a cosmonaut, and the historic flight itself. (Transition: So let’s start our trip by finding out Yuri Gagarin’s life background. Body I. According to article â€Å"Life and Death of Yuri Gagarin† published in Engineering and Technology magazine on April 2011, Yuri Gagarin was born in March 9, 1934 in a small village west of Moscow in Russia (then known as the Soviet Union). Yuri was the third of four children and spent his childhood on a collective farm where his father, Alexey Gagarin, worked as a carpenter and bricklayer and his mother, Anna Gagarina, worked as a milkmaid. A. Like millions of people in the Soviet Union, the Gagarin family suffered during Nazi occupation in World War II. After a German officer took over their ouse, the family constructed a small mud hut where they spent a year and nine months until the end of the occupation. 1. Life was difficult during the war and the Gagarins were kicked out of their ho me and moved to another city. B. When Yuri was fifteen he entered a vocational trail and learned to be a metalworker. 1. In two years as the best student he was sent to continue his study to Saratov high technical school. a. While studying there, he joined the Aero Club where he trained to fly an aircraft. b. This hobby predetermined his future charge; Gagarin decided to devote his life to aviation.C. In 1955 he enrolled into the Russian Air Force and two years afterwards graduated with honors from the Soviet Air Force Academy. 1. However, while Gagarin enjoyed being a fighter pilot, what he really wanted to do was to go to space. a. Since he had been following the Soviet Union's progress in space flight, he was confident that soon they would be sending a man into space. b. He wanted to be that man. (Transition: Now that we know life background of Yuri Gagarin, lets move to a how Yuri became a cosmonaut. ) II. His desire was so strong that in 1960 he applied to be a cosmonaut. A.Acc ording to â€Å"First man in space† published in About. com on May 5,2010, Yuri Gagarin was just one of 3,000 applicants to be the first Soviet cosmonaut. 1. Out of this large amount of applicants, just 20 were chosen and Gagarin was one of the 20. B. During the extensive physical and psychological testing required of the chosen cosmonaut trainees, Gagarin excelled at the tests while maintaining a calm behavior as well as his sense of humor and readiness to the upcoming flight. 1. Later, Gagarin would be chosen to be the first man into space because of these skills. (Transition: Now lets take a look at the historic flight itself) III.So on April 12, 1961, Yuri Gagarin boarded Vostok 1 (the name of the spaceship) at the Baikonur Cosmodrome located in Kazakhstan. A. Although he was fully trained for the mission, but no one knew if it was going to be a success or a failure. Gagarin was to be the very first human being in space, truly going where no man had gone before. B. Gagari n was rocketed into space, using an automated system. 1. Gagarin was not given the control to the spacecraft during his mission because scientists were worried about the psychological effects of being in space; it wasn’t discovered by that time. C.After entering space, Gagarin completed a single orbit around Earth. The spaceship’s top speed reached 17,600 miles per hour. At the end of the orbit, spaceship reentered the Earth's atmosphere. 1. Gagarin was in space exactly 108 minutes circled the entire globe. 2. Right before he landed, a farmer and her daughter spotted Gagarin floating down with his parachute. a. Once on the ground, Gagarin, dressed in an orange spacesuit and wearing a large white helmet, Gagarin terrified two women and it took him a few minutes to convince them that he is a human, not an alien and to direct him to the nearest phone.D. For this accomplishment Gagarin was awarded medal and title hero of Soviet Union. 1. Yuri Gagarin’s successful fl ight into space paved the way for all future space exploration. Conclusion Summary Statement: So, now you know a life background of Yuri Gagarin, his road in becoming a cosmonaut and his historic flight. References Bizony, Piers, (April, 2011). Life and Death of Yuri Gagarin. Engineering & Technology. 31 (2), pp. 35-37 Rosenberg, Jennifer (May 5, 2010). The First Man in Space. Available at: http://history1900s. about. com/od/1960s/a/yurigagarin. htm. Last Accessed March 15, 2013.

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Stem Cells Will Regenerative Medicine Degenerate Human...

Stem Cells: Will Regenerative Medicine Degenerate Human Morals? Embryonic stem cells are bodily cells that are in development during the first stages of life. These are the cells that will go on to make all of the body tissues of the offspring, like neurons, blood and skin cells. (Farrell et al.). With these human cells scientists can repair damaged tissue of diseased patients as well as study the diseases they have. Only recently have stem cells been available to collect and study. Currently, there are only a few methods of collection, such as retrieving them from in vitro fertilization: Aborted fetuses. However, these methods do not supply a constant source of the stem cells, and currently there are too few cultures of cells in labs to attempt any real medical advancement with. So, if exploration and funding of stem cell research was totally unrestricted, scientists could research the beginning stages of human cloning and alternative methods of collection so that the stem cells the y collect can be used for biomedical study and the curing of brain, heart, and spinal diseases such as Parkinson’s, diabetes, and autoimmune deficiencies. (Farrell et al.). Although embryonic stem cell research raises moral questions, such as, should we as humans take on the task of relieving other human’s suffering at any cost, even going against or giving up society’s definition of morality, or, do we keep this morality and humanity construct created by society, and take comfort in knowingShow MoreRelatedEmbryonic Stem Cell Research And The American Society2380 Words   |  10 PagesEmbryonic Stem Cell Research and the American Society The importance of ethical issues is often understated in public knowledge. Embryonic stem cell research should be of the utmost importance in the American society due to increased federal funding and the promises research in this field hold. As with many other controversies, embryonic stem cell research can be described as a dispute between religion and science due to the destruction of a viable human embryo. Depending on the status an individual

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Gestational Diabetes Mellitus ( Gdm ) - 2927 Words

Gestational Diabetes Mellitus (GDM) is defined as glucose intolerance that occurs during pregnancy [1]. GDM is a widespread condition in Indian women during pregnancy affecting nearly 21 percent of all pregnancies [2, 3] nationwide. Prevalence of GDM in India differs from region to region, with 3.8% in Kashmir [4], 16.55% in Tamil Nadu [5], 7.7% in Maharashtra, 7.1% in Haryana [6], 19% in National Capital Region [3]. Epidemiological studies have confirmed the association of GDM with increased feto-maternal morbidity and long-term complications in off-springs [7]. Women with a family history of diabetes may be predisposed to an increased risk of GDM. Studies have revealed that around 60 % women with history of GDM develop Non Insulin†¦show more content†¦Each enrolled subject’s consent with her medical and family history details were recorded through a questionnaire. The ethics committee of AIIMS approved the protocol of this study and patients’ medical/family h istory questionnaire. A detailed pedigree chart for each subject with family history was drawn. Patients suffering from hypertension, diabetic complications, cardiac diseases, metabolic syndromes, Cancers, HIV, Endocrinological, or Neurological disorders were excluded from the study. 1. Selection of Active Subjects: 1.1 Group 1 (GDM) All pregnant women were screened with Carpenter and Coustan Oral Glucose Tolerance Test (OGTT) [20] (threshold reading for 100gms glucose OGTT were fasting/1hr/2hr/3hr = 95/180/155/140mg/dl) in 2nd trimester of their gestation, but cases with strong family history of NIDDM were screened in 1st trimester for GDM. Patients who had less than two values threshold OGTT values, were excluded. The age of the patients in this group ranged between 18-42 years. Patients with any other type of diabetes or impaired glucose intolerance were not included in this group.Show MoreRelatedGestational Diabetes Mellitus ( Gdm ) Essay2044 Words   |  9 Pages2016 Gestational Diabetes Mellitus INTRODUCTION Gestational Diabetes Mellitus (GDM) is defined as a glucose intolerance that has been diagnosed during pregnancy.1 GDM affects anywhere between 1% to 14% of pregnancies and is on the rise due to the global obesity epidemic.1 Such a large range is due to the differences in screening technique and diagnostic criteria. Those who have a higher risk include women who are obese, have a previous history of GDM, have a family member with type 2 diabetes, areRead MoreGestational Diabetes Mellitus ( Gdm )1683 Words   |  7 PagesGestational diabetes mellitus (GDM) is a type of diabetes that occurs during pregnancy and caused by insulin resistance in the body. Risk factors of GDM include maternal age, ethnicity, family history, BMI, and deficiency of vitamin D. To be diagnosed with GDM, a woman must go through two screenings tests called the glucose challenge test and glucose tolerance test with high blood glucose results. Proper management such as a healthy diet, physical activity, and med ications are needed to preventRead MoreEssay on Gestational Diabetes Mellitus (GDM)2085 Words   |  9 PagesGestational diabetes mellitus (GDM) is an intolerance of glucose documented for the first time during pregnancy. It is usually a short-term type of diabetes and the most common health problem with pregnant women. GBM is caused by the way the hormones in pregnancy affect the mother. GDM accounts for 5-7% of all pregnancies (American Diabetes Association, 2010). During pregnancy the placenta develops and becomes the main bond between the mother and the baby. It is used to make sure the baby hasRead MoreGestational Diabetes Mellitus (GDM) Essay1850 Words   |  8 PagesThe prevalence of Gestational Diabetes mellitus (GDM) is growing worldwide. 1-14% of women in pregnancy is affected by DM 1. Due to increased incidence and proposed lower ¬ing of the thresholds for diagnosis the health care cost of GDM can be expected to rise proportionately. The discussion of whether a b enefit exists to the treatment of GDM assumes greater importance now than in the past. Even though it has long been known that women with preexisting type 1 and type 2 diabetes are at increasedRead MoreIntroduction. Gestational Diabetes Mellitus (Gdm)By Definition1257 Words   |  6 PagesIntroduction Gestational Diabetes Mellitus (GDM) by definition is a carbohydrate intolerance that is developed or recognized for the first time during pregnancy (Chen, Chuang, Fang, Kuo, Lee, Li, Lin, NIen,Wu, 2017). With a drastic increase of GDM in recent years, attention and concern has been brought to the topic. GDM is linked to poor pregnancy outcomes including but not limited to; hypertension, macrosomia, maternal depression, neonatal hypoglycemia and stillbirth (Jagiello Chertok, 2015)Read MoreA Research Study On Gestational Diabetes Mellitus ( Gdm ) Essay1590 Words   |  7 Pagesâ€Å"Follow-Up of Gestational Mellitus in an Urban Safety Net Hospital† Gestational diabetes mellitus (GDM) is a form of high blood sugar that affects pregnant women. It is called GDM in women who have never had high blood glucose readings until pregnancy. This type of diabetes usually develops around the 24th or 25th week of gestation. GDM occurs when the body is not able to make enough insulin or use the insulin that is made for its increased needs during pregnancy. GDM not only causes complicationsRead MoreRisk Factors : Description Of Gestational Diabetes Mellitus Screening1265 Words   |  6 PagesGestational Diabetes Mellitus Screening Description of Gestational Diabetes Mellitus Gestational diabetes mellitus (GDM) is a form of diabetes that occurs in pregnant women who do not have a prior history of diabetes mellitus (American Diabetes Association, 2016). It occurs in approximately 7% of pregnant women across the world and 6% of pregnancies in the United States (Caissutti Berghella, 2017). GDM occurs when there is insulin resistance leading to glucose intolerance or high levels of glucoseRead MoreNutrition Research Analysis1101 Words   |  5 Pages1. Cho, J., Choi, Y., Kim, A., Kim, H., Lee, J., Lim, S., Oh, J., Yoo, H., Yoon,K. Nutritional Intake of Pregnant Woman with Gestational Diabetes or Type 2 Diabetes Mellitus. Clinical Nutrition Research 2013; 2: 81-90. Article from a Korean peer-reviewed journal examined the nutritional intake of 125 women diagnosed with gestational diabetes or type 2 diabetes mellitus for over two years. The woman had not been provided nutritional education on how to manage their blood glucose or proper diet duringRead MoreThe Effects Of Gestational Diabetes1016 Words   |  5 PagesOne of the most common metabolic disorders during pregnancy is gestational diabetes mellitus (GDM) and its occurrence continues to increase (8). The 2004 analysis by the Center for Disease Control and Prevention states that cases of GDM are at 9.2%. The American Diabetes Association defines GDM as a condition where glucose levels are higher than normal either at the start or during pregnancy (1). The definition is used whether insulin or only diet modification is used for treatment and even if theRead MoreDiabetes Mellitus : A Type Of Diabetes1369 Words   |  6 PagesIntroduction Gestational Diabetes Mellitus is a type of diabetes that was first discovered during pregnancy. According to Canadian Diabetes Association (2015), three to twenty percent of women develop Gestational Diabetes Mellitus (GDM). GDM is a result of increased insulin resistance or glucose intolerance. Incidence of GDM varies by age, body weight, and ethnicity. Canadian Diabetes Association (2015) mentioned that individuals who are at greater risk include women over 35 years of age, women

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How Does Authority Influence Human Behavior What Kinds Of...

Humanities Midterm Question #1) How does authority influence human behavior? What kinds of authority are the most influential? Whether one acknowledges it or not we all obey authority in one way or another. It is something that is embedded into us from the day that we are born. We begin to become obedient to our parents, elders, our teachers, law enforcement, the list goes and on. Authority has a major impact on human behavior. This is especially evident in the case of the concentration camps in Germany. There were hundreds if not thousands of people following Hitlers unethical orders, and clearly they outnumbered the one person controlling it all. However, they did not go against him but they simply followed his orders. For a person to obey authority, one has to accept that it is legal, and right for the order to be made of them. It also involves somebody of a higher power or status to be involved in making the commands. In the case of Adolf Eichmann, the person in charge of planning the collection, t ransportation and extermination of hundreds of thousands of people, he stated that, â€Å" The orders were, for me, the highest thing in my life and I had to obey them without question.† He had a role in the murders of thousands and thousands of people, yet he justifies it by saying that he was simply obeying orders. Eichmann was not a psychopath by any means in fact, he was described as very average and declared sane by six different psychiatrists. Authority had andShow MoreRelatedEthical Issue1171 Words   |  5 Pagesdefined or most of the countries they don’t have arraign cyber crime laws. Those laws deliver the absence of the safe, the only substitute is protection against apparent warning exists is to develop ones own, depend on constitutional protection, a big range, and ethics to reduce constitutional entrance. Establishing information systems are grater speed than process of making legal and law, sometimes don’t have accorded legal safe opposite to the abuse of new technology. In some situations, what possibleRead MoreClassical Organization Theory Essay1580 Words   |  7 Pagesits kind, and serves as the foundation of other schools organization theory (Shafritz, Ott, Jang, 2011, p. 32). Classical organization theory includes scientific management approach, bureaucratic approach, and administrative management approach. Several major theorists of classical organization were Adam Smith, Frederick Taylor, Max Weber, Henri Fayol, and Luther Gulick. During the early 20th century the factory system started to flourish, and many managers were rather concerned as to how to organizeRead MoreEssay on Critique of Philip Zimbardos Standfard Prison Experiment1401 Words   |  6 Pagesto quit at any time, but will forfeit the reward. In the beginning, the mood between both groups is insecure and uncertain. Very soon, quarrels arise and the guards start to employ extreme atrocities to confirm their authority. To one’s astonishment, this seemingly fictional story does not only exist in Hollywood films, but also happens in the real world. This movie is originally adapted from the controversial â€Å"Standford Prison Experiment† conducted right in the basement of psychology building on campusRead MorePsychology : The Mind And Behavior1749 Words   |  7 Pagesthe study of the mind and behavior, has had a tremendous impact on our world. It has changed our thinking and understanding of the behavior of those around us and of our selves. Over the years, Psychology has had many changes and developments, and many influential people and experiments have popped up. Psychology has gone from simply blaming all behavior on Pagan gods, to studying behavior and the mind through a few different perspectives, which all view the causes of behavior in a different way. ByRead MoreThe Ingredients : Why The Revolution Will Not Be Tweeted1408 Words   |  6 PagesMemes Successful Successful memes facilitate humans to learn, acquire, and transmit new ideas and behaviors. In Susan Blackmore’s essay â€Å"Small Creature,† she proposes that memes are the ideas and beliefs that pass on through generation. Moreover, she believes that humans’ behaviors are greatly influenced and solely dominated by memes. But there is an important omission that left untouched in her essay. Blackmore lacks a clear explanation of what exactly contribute to the success of a meme’s transmissionRead MoreContrasting Ideologies Of Rousseau And Diderot1178 Words   |  5 Pagesthe task of explaining the works of two of the most influential thinkers of the time, Rousseau and Diderot. The two have collaborated on past works and do have some ideas that pertain similarly to one another, although there are also ideas that seem to clash. In this essay, I will look to examine the stances of the two individuals (who were friends living together in Paris at one poin t) regarding the social origins of inequality and explain in what sense they share a likeness, as well as the instancesRead MoreInformation About Saudi Arabia s Law System1541 Words   |  7 PagesSignificance for knowledge Education and knowledge are the basis of empowerment. Any time an individual accesses some knowledge no matter how little or insignificance it is, one moves a step forward. Some knowledge changes a part of an individual’s thinking, behavior and most importantly, if not 100% some percentage sticks to a person’s mind which helps in different circumstances. Information about Saudi Arabia’s law system is crucial to anyone who wishes to know some history about their judicialRead More Violent Video Games did Not Cause the Columbine High School Shooting1634 Words   |  7 Pagesand psychological effects of training army recruits to circumvent their natural inhibitions to killing fellow human beings (Grossman 1). By observing past wars (preceding killology), one can see how much people will go through to avoid killing other humans due to their â€Å"built-in aversion to killing ones own kind† (Grossman 2). By conditioning the soldiers, they are able to kill other humans with relative ease. â€Å"Just as the army is conditioning people to kill, we are indiscriminately doing the sameRead MoreEvaluation of Management Thought7486 Words   |  30 Pagesï » ¿INTRODUCTION Definition of Management Management is the art, or science, of achieving goals through people. Since managers also supervise, management can be interpreted to mean literally â€Å"looking over† – i.e., making sure people do what they are supposed to do. Managers are, therefore, expected to ensure greater productivity or, using the current jargon, ‘continuous improvement’. More broadly, management is the process of designing and maintaining an environment in which individuals, workingRead MoreThe Issue Of Political Values1712 Words   |  7 Pagesthere are still woman, African Americans, Hispanics, Muslims and many other religions and races are being looked over. Consent of the governed is the third political value. It is the idea that people are the source of the governing authority and have a voice on how they are governed. As a democratic based government, the people of The United States have the right to vote for candidates who also have the same right to run for an elected lawmaking position. Lastly, Capitalism economy is the fourth

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The Googley Way to Success Free Essays

At first glance, one might wonder if the employees in the Googleplex, the headquarters of Google located in Silicon Valley, California, actually did any serious work, or were they hired to simply loft around the complex. The company doesn’t seem to run the place like any other corporations I am aware of, much more organization order is something which does not reveal itself at Google. The employees, most often referred to as googlers; seem to have no problem in the way the company is run. We will write a custom essay sample on The Googley Way to Success or any similar topic only for you Order Now In fact, it appears that if we look closely, the chaotic atmosphere, that may be very bothering for other companies, is exactly why people choose to become googlers. What we have in Google, is company whose way of going about things coincides with its goal provide its patrons with fast (as in get them off the website as soon as possible, fast) service. As such, it demands its people to work in the same manner, fast-pace thinking, even pleased at the higher possibility of acting despite risks. Google states that its mission is â€Å"to organize the world’s information and make it universally accessible and useful†; this is anchored on the fact that Google itself grew out of one product/service, its search engine. Consequently, this is strengthened by the philosophies the company holds true, and promotes throughout its staff of techie and non-techie employees. The focus it appears is not the technology, rather CEO Eric Schmidt, co-founders, Larry Page and Sergey Brin, centered they’re attention on the people involved, user and googler. These individuals appeared to have mastered the concept of motivation for its people as well as customer satisfaction. The company works, as imbibe with its values, by letting these two elements work together. â€Å"Google puts users first when it comes to our online service; Google Inc. puts employees first when it comes to daily life in our Googleplex headquarters. There is an emphasis on team achievements and pride in individual accomplishments that contribute to the company’s overall success† (ten things Google has found to be true, 2007). No matter what theory of motivation one would apply to Google, we’d be able to see that it passes with flying colors. In emphasizing that Google’s aim is to provide something for the people, its users, it sends its employees a positive message and notion of what they’re doing. The heads of the company, exhibits how its end is always to keep its users happy and in turn make some profits; rather than prioritizing the latter, and hopefully make the customer satisfied. When employees are successfully able to grasp this, they can be motivated to do their jobs well. They can also find sincerity in the company’s concern for the wants of internet users, when they can feel this same care being projected to them by their company leaders. They know it’s not just a spiel for good publicity; values are indeed being placed in Google with the numerous perks that work to guarantee that each worker would be in the best working conditions that are appropriate in addressing the ends of the company. A person, who sees affirmation in the goals of the organization he is in, would more likely move to give back and imbibe such standards as the fitting way to work within. Now, let us see the effectiveness of Google job precept parallel to the job characteristics model, in order to see whether or not the company is able to set par. Hackman and Oldman purports that we should design jobs in such a way that the work itself can be a motivation to strive for better performance. We must for example pattern the development of job specifications based on core characteristics that would uplift three significant psychological states (meaningfulness, responsibility, and knowledge of the results) that are significant in producing a positive working outcome. Google places emphasis on their goal of providing users with useful and effective services, and they disseminate this to their employees in such a way that the latter sees themselves as part of a something that does something good for the people. This techno-altruistic fabric Google is enveloped in, makes being one of the weavers a worthwhile project for the self, its not just being part of a corporate tycoon, but doing something meaningful while satisfying the urge for a good paying career. One of the company values Google upholds is the care and trust it gives to the capacity of its people. It attempts to get tasks done with the least amount of managerial supervision as much as possible. It fosters a working atmosphere wherein regardless of what one’s rank in the corporate structure is; his/her ideas would be heard and valued. This also manifested in their belief of democracy in the web; in such a way that they allow users to really say their piece of what they want to see in a web application. Working in Google, allows inner growth, the latter makes it a point not to tie you up to the specifications of your job. In fact, they even order their engineers to devote 20% of their time pursuing their own ideas. This is hitting two birds with one stone, something which Google has been shown to be a master of. For one thing, it allows the right motivation that would allow the person enough leeway for individual growth. The employee sees himself not only as a worker but a potential leader; he is able to harness the feeling of being an influence. On the other hand, the corporation gains from the possible innovations its employees can cook up, amidst this network of brainstorming (individual and organizational levels), an idea as great as its search engine may arise. Through these means, Google is able to meet the googler’s expectations; it provides the same consideration in the people involved in the company in the same way it promises to deliver quick and reliable access to information on the internet. As such, the ambience in the Googleplex is also laid-back, convenient for both creative problem solving and challenging the notion of being the best; by asking for better than the best. The ordered chaos also personifies the demand for fast-pace thinking, action, and progress. The benefits given to Google employees is beyond motivation, its bound to make those working for its competitor drool with envy. As such, Google can expect only the best, when it keeps the people that work to keep it afloat happy at all times, the effect is an effort to not let down the company. This could be to ensure that working conditions would remain the same, but as well as prove that one deserves to belong to such a corporation. If we turn to Maslow’s hierarchy of needs we’ll be able to see just how Google is able to produce great outcomes from its googlers. Physiologically, no googler has to worry about not being able to eat lunch due to work pressure; they can in fact discuss business in the numerous cafeterias that offers free food. Craving to eat something (which I can assure can be distracting) would not have to worry a man/woman of Google. Services are also offered within the complex to guarantee that a googler need not put all other things on hold in order to work for a major corporation. Social needs are met, by making sure that everyone gets the chance to mingle and socialize through various activities that makes employees have fun, keeping them in a happy disposition to work. Self actualization and esteem are kept high, with Google heads making sure that everyone gets to do something the way they want it done, and yet pushes them to realize that they need be confined to the typical list of duties assigned to them. Googlers have a say of how the company will run its course for as long as it coincides with the values and philosophies upheld. This is perhaps, what makes Google the best company to work for†¦ the fact that working for Google always merges fun and personal growth to become more than just the best. Reference: Lashinsky, Adam. â€Å"Chaos by Design†. In Fortune Magazine. October 2, 2006. July 27, 2007 Ten Things Google has Found True. In Google Corporate Information: Our Philosophy. (2007).  Ã‚  Ã‚   July 28, 2007. Notes on Employee Satisfaction Model. (2007) Notes on Theories of Motivation. (2007) How to cite The Googley Way to Success, Essay examples

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Hardy case report free essay sample

1. Explain how BRL Hardy was able to achieve such a remarkable post-merger success? What are its sources of competitive advantage? According to the case, before the merger of BRL and Hardy happened, the two companies have quit different strategies and organizations. Hardy was known for award-winning quality wines, while cooperatives specialized in fortified, bulk, and value wines; thus they brought marketing expertise, brands, and winemaking know-how which were BRL needed. BRL had more aggressive and commercial culture compared to Hardy; thus they had access to fruit, funds, and disciplined management which were Hardy’s lacking elements. Therefore, they worked together will perfectly matched. After the two companies merged, they accounted for 22% of the Australian wine market and 17% of national wine exports. With higher market share and greater brand awareness, the new merged company got more advantages to success. Also their CEO introduced a new strategy to make their new company improved in the market. We will write a custom essay sample on Hardy case report or any similar topic specifically for you Do Not WasteYour Time HIRE WRITER Only 13.90 / page The strategy is simple but fit for their situation, they would protect its share of bulk cask business but concentrate on branded bottle sales for growth. Obviously, this strategy used both BRL and Hardy’s advantages and combined them in a great shape. 2. What is the source of tension between Stephen Davies and Christopher Carson? How effectively has Steve Millar handled the differences? The tension between Stephen Davies and Christopher Carson is from a debate about what kind of strategy should be used in the U. K. ’s market. Davies wanted to use a global brand strategy, but Carson believed that is hard to operate in U. K. ’s market. The tension made both Stephen Davies and Christopher Carson keep thinking further about the strategy and improving it. Millar utilize the debate make the company become much powerful in marketing. 3. Should Millar approve Carson’s proposal to launch D’istinto? Why/why not? Millar should approve Carson’s proposal to launch D’istinto. The main problem is the failure of Mapocho. It is hard to make the others believe that this new brand will not failure just as the Mapocho. Actually, with the experience of Mapocho, Carson already know the way to make a similar brand to be successful, so, Carson had a high confidence about that. Also, the failure of Mapocho make the company lost the position in that market, there have to be a new brand get back the market position for the company. As a company with a great reputation, they need a brand like D’istinto to establish the brand awareness in U. K. ’s market. 4. What recommendation would you make to the organization concerning the conflicting proposals for Kelly’s Revenge and Bankrock Station? I prefer to introduce the Bankrock Station as a global brand. According to the case, the CEO had a thought that make the company become global. The Bankrock Station is fit for this idea. Also Bankrock Station has already successful in Australia, the great brand awareness and the mature product lines can give the globalization of Bankrock Station many incomparable advantages. For the long term strategy, the company should select a brand which had a global potential rather than a brand which just focus on a country. On the other hand, Paul Browne the one who created the Kelly’s Revenge was believed as a person that did not have the skills for the job but wanted to control everything. A person like Paul will not lead the Kelly’s Revenge to success, and the others in the company will also become harder to work with him. With such situation, I believe that Bankrock Station is the best choice for the company.

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Indirectness free essay sample

Communication is a crucial part of our daily life. We have to admit that how to communicate with others is a form of art. It is easy to notice that use different forms to express the same meaning may have different responses from others. In verbal communication, we often utter our intention in a roundabout way rather than speaking it out directly. This interesting phenomenon is regarded as indirectness which widely exists in daily communication. Searle (1979:31) defines indirect speech acts as ‘cases in which one illocutionary act is performed indirectly by way of performing another’.For example, can you pass me the pen? When people utter this sentence, it is not only a question but request the addressee to pass the pen. Of course, it is of great importance to realize that indirect speech acts also have relations to politeness and cultures. Different cultures form different thinking patterns, value systems and cognitive style, so the realizations of indirect speech acts must be very different in English and Chinese. We will write a custom essay sample on Indirectness or any similar topic specifically for you Do Not WasteYour Time HIRE WRITER Only 13.90 / page In this paper, I show that what indirect speech acts is and the similarities and differences in Chinese indirectness and English indirectness. This paper begins with an overall survey about indirect speech acts. Indirect speech acts associated with politeness will be explored in following part. The universality and diversity in Chinese indirectness and English indirectness and how culture contributes to the diversity of indirect speech acts in Chinese and English will be illustrated in the final part. 2. Notion of indirect speech acts As we all know, speech act theory is the basis of indirect speech acts. Speech act theory was first proposed by Austin.In his theory of speech acts, he makes a distinction between constative sentence and performative sentence. Constative sentences are utterances that are used to state or describe things. By contrast, as Austin (1962: 6-7) points out that performative sentence ‘indicates that the issuing of the utterance is the performing of an action—it is not normally thought of as just saying something’. Subsequently, Austin realized that constatives are just a special kind of preformatives (Huang, 2007: 101). So Austin shifted to develop speech acts into three facets: locutionary act, illocutionary act and perlocutionary act.Among these three facets, illocutionary act which is used to express addressor’s intention interested Austin most (Levinson, 1983:236). And then, Austin (1962) classified them into five types: verdictives, exercitives, commissives, behabitives and expositives. Based on the theory explored by Austin, Searle further developed felicity conditions, classifications of speech acts and put forward indirect speech acts theory firstly. Searle (1979:31) defines indirect speech acts as ‘cases in which one illocutionary act is performed indirectly by way of performing another’.